Reporting Abuse

To report abuse, go to Blog Info at the top, and you’ll see Report Spam and Report Mature. Report Spam pretty much means somebody is using excessive punctuation marks, or using the same word excessively. For example: omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!! Please use one word or puncuation mark at the max of 3 times. Over the max can be reported as Spam. Mature is using mature comments or posts. Talking about your boyfriend, girlfriend, kissing, etc is considered Mature and can be reported. For example, my boyfriend was cheating on me! He told me after he kissed me at the fair… Do NOT talk about stuff children under the age of 11 or 10 would not know about. Remember, this is an all ages sight. When dealing with gossip, first ask the abuser to stop. If they don’t, report. If it is offending gossip, we have a strict rule that is what it says. NO offending gossip. You can report this under Mature. If you find out someone copies your quote,  poem, song, etc, and know who they are, try and get a hold of them. Tell them not to. Unfortunatly, we can not always tell who copied. But if you know, report under Mature. Thanks and please keep this an all ages site.

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  1. theartofmua
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 23:21:37

    OK! I had a thought about this while trying to sleep; there is such thing as hmm… how do i describe this? ‘art’ you can type on your computer. Here’s an example i made.

    SEE! I made a halfheart. …sortta… OK, so sometimes ‘art’ needs the same puncuation/symbol/letter to be used more than 3 times. In this case, don’t report as spam. Thanks!


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